About the photography sessions.

What's included and prices.

My ethic: You get all the best pictures included in your session fee as digital files, in your own private gallery, to print and share as you like. That's it. No hard sell, no telling you that you must buy a certain amount of photos. I will only include photos that I see as being of excellent quality, both technically and artistically, so all the shots where someone blinked, pulled a funny expression and so on will be deleted. All images will be processed to provide the highest technical quality. While I don't believe in heavy "Photoshopping" of people, I will make minor re-adjustments to pictures to help people and their environment appear their best.

Images will be provided as a mixture of colour and black and white as standard, however I pride myself on excellent service, so let me know if you'd like the images re-formatted  in any way, it's all included - this includes B&W to colour and vice versa or cropping differently. However, if you have a particular artistic style in mind let me know and we'll work towards that right from the beginning.

Family photo shoot

60-90 min photo session at an outdoor location throughout the cantons of Geneva and Vaud. We will discuss your photography requirements and agree on somewhere that suits. If you have very young children we might want to factor in a small snack break, which extend the session a little - happy relaxed children will make for better photographs. 350 Francs session fee plus 100 Francs for the digital downloads.

Maternity photo shoot

60 min photo session at an outdoor location throughout the cantons of Geneva and Vaud. If we need to take a little bit extra time we will, but I will get a ton of great shots in 1h and since I know it's difficult for expectant mums to hang around, pose and so on, I will work quickly to minimise any tiredness. Depending on the size of mum's bump, we can shoot anywhere from 6-8 months into her pregnancy.

Remember not everyone has the same style, so if romantic pictures in the setting sun are your thing, brilliant. However, if not, we can still get some amazing shots to beautifully capture this special time in your life. Quircky, cute and fun shots are equally valid, as are my favourites, the artistic ones. 250 Francs session fee, when it's just the couple involved, however including siblings in the photos will change this to a family session as more time and work will be required, so 350 Francs session fee. 100 Francs is required for the digital downloads 

Newborn photo shoots

These can take more time to execute as we will have to work around the star of the show's needs! So, this can last anywhere between 60-120 mins. At a location of your choice, not suprisingly though, your home and garden are often best!  350 Francs session fee plus 100 Francs for the digital downloads.

Maternity and newborn combined photo packages.

When you complete a maternity shoot with me, you will be entitled to a 50 Franc deduction from the price of a newborn photography session when you re-book.

Couples photo session

60 minute photo shoot at an outdoors location throughout Geneva or Vaud to suit your requirements or in the studio. 250 Francs session fee plus 100 Francs for the digital downloads.

Children's portraits, all ages from babies to teens.

60 min photo session, either at your house, on location at an outdoor space of your choice or in studio. 250 Francs for two children, 100 Francs extra when there are three to four children present. Plus 100 Francs for the digital downloads.

Professional Portraits for Adults.

30 min photo session, either on location, or in the studio. This can be used to just get some flattering and interesting photos of you, or for professional purposes such as C.V.'s,  LinkedIn or corporate requirements.150 Francs plus 50 Francs for the digital dowloads. All photos will be minimally edited while 5 will be  extensively edited to smooth out any imperfections.


Please get in touch if you need photos done for your business or corporate event. Prices start at 250 Francs per hour for session fees and will be subject to the requirements. We will of course dicsuss and agree this in advance. A digital download fee of 100 Francs applies.

Terms and conditions

Session fees are to be paid in advance, and without this a booking cannot go ahead. The session fee includes the time taken to take the photos and edit them afterwards, and not the digital photos or prints. The digital download fee may be paid after the client gallery has been viewed. All photos can be ordered in prints directly from this site.

Photos will be put into a proof viewing gallery, where they will remain for 1 week only awaiting payment. Once payment is received, this gallery will become available to the client for download and remain in place for 1 year and may be shared.

Mont Blanc Photography retains the copyright of all photos taken, throughout the world at all times.